The Boys of Fair Hill

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  1. The Boys of Fairhill
  2. The Pool Song
  3. Johnny Jump Up
  4. Ben the Coachman
  5. Salonika
  6. Lloyd George
  7. When First I Came Unto This Country
  8. Boozing
  9. The Armoured Car
  10. A Sorrowful Lamentation


" One of the most curious but fascinating albums to circulate my turntable in many a purple moon.I don't wish to compare Mr. Crowley with anybody because that would dimish his individuality, yet I can think of no other way to convey his extraordinary style." Colin Irwin, Melody Maker

" I make no bones about it but I like this record enormously. Of the younger generation of city-bred singers, none would strike me as more faithfully fulfilling an age old role than Jimmy Crowley. Yet the songs he sings often reflect the strange times we live in viewed through the unique prism of the balladmonger." Bill Meek, Irish Times

" ...the pick of the Mulligan bunch. Not only for Crowleys incisive delivery of the words but also for the fascinating nature of the songs themselves." Alastair Clarke, The Scotsman

" Ex-chippie Jimmy has been flogging the scene since the sixties opting for pro just before the release of The Boys of Fairhill, learning his trade the only way there is - the hard way, playing like Raftery for pennies, writing and collecting his ballads, always among the people." Robert O Donoghue, Cork Examiner

" one of the most entertaining albums Ive heard in ages" Huddersfield Examiner

" delightful record." Worchester Evening News

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