My Love Is a Tall Ship

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  1. My Love is A Tall Ship
  2. The Dog in The Manger
  3. What Put The Blood
  4. I Knew ye when you were nothin
  5. The Green Island
  6. Fungi
  7. Roisín's Sweet Song
  8. Stone Hearts and Steely Faces
  9. In and out
  10. Post Cards
  11. Place Not a Harness round my soul
  12. Mrs President


" This CD sees an altogether more introspective side of his character, self-penned tracks most of which tend to topics to make you reflect on life. " Gordon Potter, The Living Tradition

" An acute observer of peccadillio and idiosyncracy, capable of conveying an imagery as powerful as those whose names begin with Bob or Neil. " Oliver Sweeney, Hot Press

" Jimmy takes us over some of his memories and concerns, Irish emigration, childhood thoughts, urban decay, bombing Iraq (the first time) and is most powerful in Roisín's Sweet Song. " Viv Smith, Folk Roots

" Jimmy’s songs here have a passion, the ultimate personification of all that is good in the tradition of Ireland with a humor that is fresh and comforting. " San Francisco Irish Herald, Feb 98

" Free State Records are proud to reissue the CD whose title track won the hearts of many when used as the theme song for the R.T.E. film on the recent visit of the world’s Tall Ships to Dublin .Although Jimmy has written some successful songs in the past, this album presents a realization of a dream, to wit, a complete album of his own songs both light and grave, working for the first time with a five piece string section and the piano arrangements of Dave Murphy. Songs which signal his concern for modern Ireland’s slide towards mercantile hedonism; her fragile neutrality combined with songs of love and loss. Sly city sidelights on begrudgery,schooldays and Dingle dolphins occupy the lighter side of this, his sixth record while our former first citizen is celebrated in bassanova fashion almost with the song, Mrs President. " Free State Press Release

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