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Political Corner:
Jimmy Crowley's Fears for Ireland.... being in the Hands of Accountants.

Sent to Irish politicians before last general election.

How does your party propose to deal with the following?
  1. Vulgar commoditisation and rape of the unique Irish landscape by the Fianna-Fáil- builder..developers's power elite. It's time to call a halt to building houses on green sites and concentrate in developing inner city slums not for investment but for living communities.

  2. Suffering aural pollution: the right to silence in trains and busses without being hustled by banal advertising and gombeens like Gerry Ryan. A restriction on intensive,white lighting in rural areas; there are still people, believe it or not, who prefer to look at the untrammeled stars.
  3. Absence of Gardaí after discos when noise, vulgarity and disprespect to older people is considered normal behaviour. Presence of Gardaí in rural areas when old age pensioners and locals drive out to have two pints and loose their licence.
  4. The appaling indifference to the death of the Irish language; the inability to deal with the problem of forced-fed cultural imperialism and the promotion of Anglo-American accents on Irish radio and not addressing the reasons why this generation of Gaeltacht residents absolutely refuse to speak in Irish amongs themselves. Multi-nationals should be obliged to use Irish exclusively when they advertise their products on radio, television and print media. The decline of the standard of Irish among national teachers. The restoration and acceptance of regional dialects, ie. Munster Irish for Munster people etc., would help in cementing contacts with the few remaining native speakers and the education system and thereby strengthen the language.
  5. The spirtual and cultural anomie which has permeated the younger generation in an enviroment of wall-to-wall materialism.
  6. The decline of the idea of the Irish nation; "this Republic" being replaced by "this economy", to quote Mary Harney.
  7. The short-sighted and insane notion of using the building industry as a fulcrum for the whole economy.
  8. Allowing multi-nationals carte blanche access to the virginal landscape like the appaling rape of the green belt area of Midleton, Co.Cork for an interminable chemical factory.
  9. Death of indigenous small industries like salmon fishing etc and the rich cultural life and culture they supported.
  10. Desecration of the sacred, Royal site of Tara; not only the most important Irish heritage site but pricless on the Euopean scale.




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