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Special Services

Attention both national and secondary school principals....!

In an effort to ensure that the rich tradition of music and song is passed on to the younger generation, Jimmy Crowley has developed a programme aimed specifically at school children. While many children know and sing popular ballads, some of which recall incidents of historical significance, few understand their origin or meaning.

Jimmy attempts to address this by choosing songs or stories which are of interest to children and which may already have captured their imagination.

His English songs are interspersed with songs in the Irish language and being a fluent Irish speaker he encourages his audience to appreciate the beauty of our own language.

His comical wit and his unique style and presentation always endears him immediately to his young audience, who, by the end of the "session" are both fascinated and instilled with eagerness to hear more.

The programme lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and is aimed primarily at 3rd to 6th classes but rest assured, the childlike excitement will soon become apparent on the faces of their teachers as well. Ideally the venue should be a large classroom or small school hall in order for Jimmy to develop a rapport with the students.

Jimmy has been presenting this programme for a number of years in the Cork and Kerry region and would welcome the opportunity to develop it countrywide.

Sound specification

Coming from a tradition which learnt to project without the aid of a microphone, Jimmy is quite happy to perform without amplification if the venue is suitable. Otherwise, he requires: 1 vocal mic on a boom stand; 1 instrument mic on a boom stand; and either 2 or 3 DI boxes by agreement at time of contract.

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