Sex, Sca, & Sedition

  1. When I was a young man
  2. The Summer Soldiers
  3. Me Floppy, Floppy Drive
  4. Mick Barry from Waterfall
  5. The Lee Tunnel
  6. The Ordnance Survey Man
  7. The Maid from Ballinure
  8. Ger Mac's Crubeens
  9. Concertina Man
  10. Briste Bill
  11. Chandelier Charlie
  12. The Roving Irish Pound
  13. The Heritage Trail
  14. The Viagra Song
  15. Two Thousand Candles
  16. The Pub Musician's Complaint
  17. Johnny Go Boating


" Can you name a ballad in Irish about Bill Clinton? This album includes probably the first one. Bríste Bill is about Mr. Clinton’s trousers. C.J. Haughey does not escape either and the reference to chandeliers must be left to the listener’s imagination. Here are ballads about the millennium, the new Cork tunnel, about Mick Barry, the great bowler and a sardonic swipe at interpretive centres and every sacred cow grazing on Irish grass. Jimmy Crowley is convinced that there is a place for these post-modern bards he has recorded here in the national archives. " Dick Hogan, The Irish Times, 1999

" This latest offering from Free State Records, the brainchild of Jimmy Crowley, flies in the face of the predicable anomie of contemporary Irish music. In the spirit of Free State Records it is proudly oppositional and goes a long way to restoring the spirit of political protest and satire which was once the corner stone of the folk revival of the sixties.
There are no big stars here: how could there be when the very raison d’etre of these people would present a threat to the bland hegemony of Anglo-American culture to which post-modern Ireland has bought itself into hook, line and sinker. But the artistes here represent an unbroken line of bardic tradition of great antiquity.
As the title suggest, the album is thematically focused with songs about viagra pills; the sexual revolution; a lúibín beirte (two-person miniature folk drama) by a bard from Cúil Aodha: Dónal Ó Liatháin on Bill and Monica’s antics in the White House observed by two native Irish speaking charladies ,if you please. There’s a song celebrating the opening of the new Lee Tunnel; a brilliant song by Denis Mc Garry: Two Thousand Candles which compresses the full gallery of Cork iconography and nostalgia into a few heart -rending verses - a genuine millennium song there’s a song of tragic loss in today’s contemporary computer world (Me Floppy, Floppy Drive) and Chandelier Charlie about the amorous adventures of a much-loved former Taoiseach. " Free State Press Release

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